Tasti funzione

   F1   CURSOR; DATA *; ENTER               END
   F2   SPLIT                               SWAP
   F3   END;                                RFIND
   F4   FSPLIT                              RCHANGE
   F5   RFIND                               UP
   F6   RCHANGE                             DOWN
   F7   UP                                  LEFT
   F8   DOWN                                RIGHT
   F9   SWAP                                HELP
   F10  LEFT                                SPLIT
   F11  RIGHT                               SPLIT +2
   F12  CURSOR; DATA *; ENTER               SPLIT -2


DOWN, UP           move display
LEFT, RIGHT        move display
END                exit and save (ret to prev menu)
KEYS               function keys display
SCREEN             display screen attributes
FSPLIT             open a new file
SWAP               swap on open files


  [F]ind   str
  [CRE]ate [filename[.ext]]
  CHANGE   str1 str2
  EDIT     filename
  LOC      line_number

  A        (after) Move/Copy
  B        (before) Move/Copy
  C        copy line            CC
  M        move line            MM
  D        delete line          DD
  TE       text entry
  TJ       text join
  TS       text split
  .        define label
  I        insert blank line
  R        repeat a line        RR

  CANCEL                         cancel changes made during edit session
  COPY [filename] [AFTER label]  copy  a file into current
                  [BEFORE label]
  DELETE ALL range               delete lines
  EDIT [filename]
  PROFILE                        display profile in first row
  SORT                           sort current line