This is a XmlTool draft documentation.
XmlTool is a multi-purpose tool for XML.
Include a Visual Editor, permits many format conversions and include a GUI generator from a GuiXml file.
Another function is the XSL and DTD (in progress) generation.

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1 - Introdution

XML is a growing standard.

XmlTool collect some request from the users and collapse it in a unique tool.
You can usa many functions today in many separated commercial products using a common useful user interface.

This is the simple idea, XmlTool realize it.

With XmlTool you can:
With XmlTool you can load, edit/modify, save your XML files.
Also you can operate on the visual tree for modify or move (drag&drop) the nodes.
Manage the XML entity: PI, CDATA,COMMENT and TAGS.
XmlTool is developed using ONLY Visual Basic 6, none of existing library is used.

This version is freeware (a limit of print, save files is inside), view the instructio to registering.

1.1 Purpose of Document

The purpose of this document is to describe XmlTool.
This document is located at: http://b62.tripod.com/vbwork/xmltool.htm.

1.2 Scope

1.3 Definitions, acronyms and abbreviations




1.4 References

1.5 Overview of Document

2 - General Description

XmlTool is a multi purpose tool for XML language.
The main features are:

2.1 Visual Editor

With XmlTool you can load, edit/modify, save your XML files.
Also you can operate on the visual tree for modify or move (drag&drop) the nodes.
Manage the XML entity: PI, CDATA, COMMENT and TAGS.

Any type of object or file read in put in the tree.
When the tree is filled with data you can operate on the nodes using menus (also popup), toolbar buttons, keyboard, mouse (drag & drop).

...icone degli elementi grafici sul tree

2.2 Converter

Some converters are built-in into XmlTool:

2.2.1 Convert to XML some simple formats

2.2.2 Convert to XML a directory tree

2.2.3 Convert to XML the Access Database structure

Using this option you can select a Access Database (i.e. with extension .mdb) and read the structure.
The following items are read:

2.2.4 Convert to XML the .INI files

2.3 GUI generator

This is the main interesting part of the XmlTool.
Using this you can load a GuiXml file that define a GUI (view a sample).

2.4 XSL generator

XmlTool can generate a XSL file from the loaded XML file.
You can set the HTML tag for any XML element type.

2.5 DTD generator

3 - Specific Description

3.1 - Menus

The following image show the menubar of XmlTool:

The first menu File is the classical menu for file operation:

from this menu you can:
This menu is also popup on rigth-click on a tree node.

The second menu Edit is the classical menu for cut/paste operation:

from this menu you can:
This menu is also popup on rigth-click on a tree node.

Also the menu Search is the classical menu for edit operation:

from this menu you can:

The menu Demo is a collection of demos for test the possibilities of XmlTool:

from this menu you can:

The last menu Help is the classical menu with help related items:

from this menu you can:

3.2 - ToolBars

The program have two toolbars:
The next image show the main toolbar:
The buttons operation are:
Move on the first node on the same level of current node
Move on the prev node on the same level of current node
Move on the next node on the same level of current node
Move on the last node on the same level of current node
Print the file
View the XmlGui generated window
Quit from XmlTool

The next image show the tree toolbar:
The buttons operation are:
Set the standard form of the window.
The tree is at the 30% left of the total window width, and the tab on the left space.
Activate the Tree view
Activate the List view
Find a item on the tree
Open all tree nodes
Close all tree nodes
View only the tree as window width.

3.3 - Configure

The following window is open selecting from menu File/Configure:

The configuration window in divided on many tabs by argument.


Hier you can find the general or common configuration keys.

VIEWTIPS1 View tips at the startup
BACKUP 0 Create backup when loading a file
DRAGDROP1 Drag and Drop of the Tree nodes
DRAGALL 1 D&D on the same node level




GUIUNIT tips Measurement unit of positional definitions


XSLELEM <h1>$</h1> Html code for XSL generation
XSLATTR <h3>$</h3> Html code for XSL generation
XSLCOMM <i>$</i> Html code for XSL generation
XSLPI <font size=-1><b>$</b></font> Html code for XSL generation
XSLCDATA <i>$</i> Html code for XSL generation

4.0 Requirements

4.1 Constraint requirements

The program is developed for WindowsXX - 32 bit version.

4.1.1 Assumptions and dependencies


4.1.2 Operational environment

System Requirements
The program is developed using Visual Basic 6.0 and require the related runtime files (try here).

Attention: the parser of XML files are developed using only Visual Basic.
No externel libraries is used for parsing (do not require Internet Explorer installed as other software).

On the Windows systems the delivery of the system function is a very complex problem (with many thanks to Microsoft).
I soon realize a complete setup, but you can install the program without the setup using the listed components.
The used DLL/OCX are (you can have it in your Windows/System:

4.2 Registration

XmlTool program is distribuited as freeware.
After the registration XmlTool is a shareware.
It is currently in beta-test, so there is no charge for the current version.
Active testers can receive a free copy of the release version; contact us for details.
This version of the program has the following limits:
You can order by:

Please include your name, address, phone number, and email contact information when registering.
The spedition types are:

To use the complete version you have to get the registration code.
The registration code is send at this prices:

4.2.1 Licensing

XmlTool and its accompanying documentation are Copyright 2000 AB - Software & Tecnologie.
All Rights Reserved. Your use of the program indicates acceptance of the License Agreement with AB - Software & Tecnologie.

License Agreement:

Please carefully review the following terms and conditions before using this software. Unless superceded by a different license agreement signed by AB - Software & Tecnologie, your use of this software indicates your acceptance of this license agreement and warranty.

Governing Law

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Italia.

Disclaimer of Warranty


Because of the various hardware and software environments into which the software may be put, NO WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IS OFFERED. In particular, no warranty of fitness with respect to Year 2000 issues is offered.

Good data processing procedure dictates that any program be thoroughly tested with non-critical data before relying on it. The user must assume the entire risk of using the program. The seller accepts no libability of any kind with respect to use of the program.

Evaluation and Registration

This product is distributed as shareware and is not free software.

Subject to the terms described in the accompanying program documentation, you are hereby licensed to use evaluate this software for a period of 30 days. After this period you must register the software. Unregistered use of this software for any purpose other than for evaluation is in violation of international copyright laws.


You are hereby licensed to make as many copies of the evaluation version of this software and documentation as you wish; give exact copies of the original evaluation version to anyone; and distribute the evaluation version of the software and documentation in its unmodified form via electronic means. There is no charge for any of the above.

You are specifically prohibited from charging, or requesting donations, for any such copies, however made; and from distributing the software and/or documentation with other products (commercial or otherwise) without prior written permission.

4.2.2 Support

Registration provides up to 1 hour of free technical support.
Sorry, we cannot provide support to unregistered users.
Contact us for site licenses and other support plans.

4.2.3 Download

The current version is 0.99.

Stay tuned for the 1.00 version (the Candidate). Coming soon.
You can download as:
The executable XmlTool have a dimension of 600 Kb and NOT USE external libraries for parsering.


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Alberto Bellina For info, feedbacks (compliments, errors, other...) send me an email.

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