XmlTree is a visual parser for XML files.
With XmlTree you can load,edit/modify,save your XML files.
Also you can operate on the visual tree for modify or move (drag&drop) the nodes.
Manage the XML entity: PI, CDATA,COMMENT and TAGS.
XmlTree is developed using ONLY Visual Basic 6, none of existing library is used.

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XmlTree is a simple program to manage a XML file into a visual Tree.

With XmlTree you can:
This is a screenshot of the program:
XmlTree screenshot

XmlTree Features

System Requirements

The program is developed in Visual Basic 6.0 and require the related runtime files.

Info and Feedbacks

For info send an email to:
Also send a mail to the same address for any feedback (compliments, errors, other...).


The current version is 0.99.
Stay tuned for the 1.00 version (the Candidate). Coming soon.
Download zip or exe.

The executable XmlTree have a dimension of 330 Kb and NOT USE external libraries for parsering.

XML documentation and links

You can view this documents on XML:

Additional information


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