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[Visual Basic]
Archive General purpose program to archive any document type.
Call Manager Manage a customer call and tracking the problem resolution.
Business Plan A program to create and manage a Business Plan.
Visual Xml Parser A parser for XML.
XmlTool A multipurpose tool for XML.
Parser/editor, Database contens and structure export, directory listing.
Dynamic Engine Create a complete program from a text files.
The NON-programmers people can be create and/or modify the program.
The engine manage automatically DB and Reports
Options Download VB6 Preference Manager automatically manage the .INI file
WWW menu Download VB6 Menu Generator for WEB automatically manage the .INI file
TreeOrganizer Download VB6 TreeOrganizer for manage a tree organisation of data.
The program came with a large collection of icons.
XmlTree Download VB6 XmlTree for manage XML files.
Load on visual tree, modify and edit, save the XML files.
Byte operations coming soon
Select a directory coming soon
[Tips and Tricks]
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