A new generation tool for Xml

A new generation multi-purpose tool for manage Xml Files.
XmlTool is a stand-alone tool that will allow users to use many functions starting from a unique, powerful, easy to use program.
Why use a tool to edit a XML file, one for generate the XSL file, another to operate on Database, and so on.
Now with XmlTool you can doing all operations with a single user interface.
Graphical interface is designed for easy and intuitive use.

Product Specifications

Graphical User Interface
 - Tricks & Tips on startup
 - Visual Tree presentation
 - Toolbars and icons
 - View also as sortable table
 - Search/Replace
 - Simple Attribute editing
 - Editor with XML syntax highlight
 - Configurable visual presentation on the tree
 - Save/load from a node
 - Copy, paste single o multiple node
 - Drag and Drop node move
 - XmlTool commands in PI or comments
 - User comments on every node
 - XML statistics and counters
 - Get the structure of a Access Database
 - Get the sql query results on a Access Database

Components view:
 - Generate GUI from a Xml file
 - Test the GUI on-fly
 - Modify tested GUI using mouse and dialogs
 - Can read a Visual Basic 6 form (.frm) file
XSL/DTD/HTML generation
 - Generate a XSL file
 - Generate directly HTML
 - Generate a DTD (working)
 - Any object have a associated trasformation
 - Import/export simple tree files
 - Import a Visual Basic form .frm
 - Import a directory tree
 - Import a .INI file
 - Import a registry section (working)


The basics
  The basic idea of XmlTool is the semplicity.   More semplicity, more usability.
  The design of XmlTool is object-oriented.
  The internal Xml parser is developed using only Visual Basic (none of existing parsers or external libraries are used).
  The parser is really keep simple using a new approach that permit less code: it is a single class and have 200 lines of visual basic code.
More delivery modes or personalizations
  We sell the program, the library or the source code.
  Another point of power is the possibility to modify XmlTool for any reasonable user requirement (we can do it for reasonable price).
  If you want use the Xml parser of XmlTool in to your application we sell the library.
  If you prefer working in your factory we sell the XmlTool source code.
  If you think that XmlTool is a good tool we sell the source code and you can modify it for your scopes.

The Future

History & Plans

The current version of XmlTool 1.00.
This first version have more functionalities, but the next version (on working) will be more completly.

XmlTool is delivered as a Demo Version.
This demo version have all functionalities, with this limits:
 -  limits on print, save, read
 -  registering request on start and random message box
Dic 1999 - released XmlTree a freeware simple editor for testing purposes
Feb 2000 - XmlTool v. 1.00
Apr 2000 - XmlTool v. 1.10
 - Manage DB access via ODBC
 - Full Sql-Server management
 - Xml Templates
Jun 2000 - XmlTool v. 1.20
 - DOM/SAX compliant, validating parser

Xml World

Xml in Italy

Xml is a growing world.
Many organisations use Xml for internal scopes and as common indipendent language.
In Italy the Governement have delibered that all documents produced by the State Office will be registered using Xml language (DPR 428/1998).


Installation specifications


AB - Software & Tecnologie
Alberto Bellina
  Via Ca' Paletta, 11
  37024   Negrar (VR) - Italy
  WWW http://b62.tripod.com
  GSM 0339-1248.497

Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000
CPU pentium
Hard Disk 50 Mbyte
Memory 32 Mbyte
Version: 1.00
Single User License 200.000 /100 $
Parser library (DLL) 1.000.000 /500 $
Source code parser 6.000.000 /3000 $
Source code complete 10.000.000 /5000 $

 AB - Software&Tecnologie - Alberto Bellina