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[AB - Software & Tecnologie]

[Our 5 W's]

Who We are a pool of experts.
Ask us for resolve your problems.
What Windows and Unix programming.
Web pages design.
Also some products are avalaible.
Why You don't have resources.
You don't have time.
You want a high quality and low price service.
When If You have a problem call us.
Where From Verona to the Nord Italy.

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Bellina Alberto
Via Ca' Paletta, 11
37024 S.Peretto di Negrar (VR) - Italy

  Home Phone +(39) 045 ........
  GSM Phone +(39) 0339 1248.497
  Home Email alberto_b62@hotmail.com
  Work Email alberto_bellina@pragma.it
  WWW http://b62.tripod.com

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This is a complete restyling of the site.


  • WAP / WML (Web on Cellular Phone) documentation
  • PCL (Printer Command Language) documentation
  • Web design examples
  • ASP Active Server Pages
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  • eShop new-style E-CommerceNew
  • InterView fon on-line interviewsNew
  • XmlTool a multi-purpose tool for XML New
  • Goto Italian resource on the Web
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    The AB Software & Informatica site New style eShop software Online Interviews Business Plan Online A Xml multi-purpose tool Italian Resource Catalog Nedstat Counter

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