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[Who are AB - Software & Tecnologie ?]

I am a developer with many years (15) of experience (view my resume) .
I and some my friends offering our knowledges for developing in Software and Internet area.
We are a pool of experts in various aspects of Information Tecnology.
We actually working in some different software factory.
We daily working on many kinds of projects:
  • WinXX programming (VB, C, Cobol, ...)
  • Unix programming (C, Shell, ...)
  • Internet (java, javascript, Html, ASP, ...)

We are time to spend and working in the spare time.
We have many and various knowledge.
We work on close project or by time as you prefers.
This are the our working steps:
  • Contact
  • Vision of the problem.
    We use some time (hours or days complexity depending)
  • We do a pricing/time offer to You
  • You accept the offers
  • We realize the work for You

Our working method is simple.
We work at the home and send you the work by email or by person (if people contact is needful).