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A new tool to manage XML files.
This is a multi-purpose tool.
You can edit/modify the XML files using a graphical interface, but also:
- convert XML to HTML
- convert a database Access 97 to XML style
- generate on fly a GUI from XMLGUI files
- ...and many other functions ... to be view !!!

Business Plan Online
The first online site to really create and manage a online Business Plan.
You can manage the textual part of Business Plan and also the Plans (economical, finalcials, ...).

A new Style e-commerce site.
Developed using ASP manage a complete e-shop.

You have to manage on-line interviews ?
InterView is the software for you.
Simple, quickly ... and secure!
Multiple interviews...

Archive Archive any type of document.
View of documents is hierarchical with a tree.

Call Manager Manage a Help Desk calls and follow the Problem Solving